Tuesday, April 26, 2016


How You Can Buy
Here are six ways buyers can take advantage of today’s real estate market.
Be realistic. Set your sights realistically; don’t expect to move directly into your dream home in the most expensive part of town. Get started in the homeownership door by buying a modest place, modestly priced – in a good location. Improve your home as you can afford to; and/or let your equity build to help you buy the dream house in the dream location later.
Closing Cost Help. If you haven’t been able to save for a down payment and closing costs, consider:
•Negotiating a gift, secured loan or shared-equity arrangement with parents or other people looking for a good investment.
•Selling something of value – with the realization that you’ll be able to replace it later.
•Penalty-free early withdrawal from your retirement for a down payment.
•Financing the closing costs, if your lender agrees, or getting help from the seller.
•Using a tax refund, a company bonus, or your lottery winnings (ha ha).
•Borrowing on your life insurance … liquidating stocks and bonds.
Pre-Approve. “Pre-Approve” yourself as a borrower by calculating what price home you can afford. Generally (depending on lender and type of financing) lenders consider your total basic monthly affordable housing cost – including mortgage principal and interest payments, real estate taxes and insurance payment. Your affordability is based on a percentage of your gross monthly income. Or, with additional long-term debts included, the ratio may increase up to 48%. Remember: Some lenders adjust these limits, based on their assessment of your financial situation and the loan plan you select. As a pre-approved buyer, you’ll have an advantage over other buyers who aren’t, when sellers are considering purchase offers.
Financing Options. Get acquainted with the various kinds of loans available: fixed rate, adjustable rate, government-backed loans (FHA and VA), assumptions, blended loans, and more. (Terms and interest rates vary considerably – among loans and among lenders; these factors, along with your income and length-of-ownership expectations, must be weighed – and Tim’s here to help you do that.)
FHA loans, for example, allow first-time buyers to put as little as 3.5% down.
Shop For A Lender. Of course, you want the best terms you can find. If you run into inflexible qualification requirements, don’t be discouraged. Some lenders are simply tougher than others. Tim can help guide you through this. In general, look for these characteristics in a lender:
•Loan programs explained plainly and simply.
•Attractive rates based on your circumstances
•Loans processed quickly and accurately
Set A Consultation Appointment With Tim. There are significantly more details involved in buying a home than are outlined here. If buying a home of your own, and you would like professional guidance and counsel, let Tim help you get started with the home-buying process. It starts with just a call (or text) - 858-354-2354. Thank you … And look forward to helping you find that special place to call HOME!

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Monday, April 25, 2016


How To Buy A Home In Today’s Market
Some buyers today have had their desire to buy dampened because they think they think they can’t. In fact, today’s market offers a unique opportunity to save by buying now. First of all, equity properties are available now with selections through all price ranges for starter homes, buy-up houses, executive properties and luxury estates. Today is a good time to start on the path to your dream home.
Also, lenders are offering incredibly attractive rates and innovative financing. That means your same income can qualify for more home today.
Buyers who act now not only can take advantage of today’s market, they also can begin to benefit from the Big Four wealth builders of homeownership.

Four Wealth Builders
Leverage. Leverage means using borrowed money (OPM: “Other People’s Money”) to control a property and receive its benefits. Here’s how leverage works. Say you’ve acquired a $100,000 house with only a 10% down payment ($10,000). Suppose the property appreciates 10% in the first year and house is worth $110,000. You’ve “earned” $10,000 on your investment of $10,000 – a profit of 100% in a year. (Financing costs would, of course, lower the net yield.) That’s leverage – a big return by using borrowed money.
If home prices rise only 3% a year in the next decade, the home you bought this year for $100,000 would be worth $134,392 in ten years. With $10,000 down, you’d realize a profit 629%; at 8% a year, you’d profit 1,159% due to your leveraged purchase.
Tax Breaks. You’ll also realize savings from the tax advantages of homeownership. A homeowner’s taxable income is reduced by tax deductions (for interest payments, points and real estate taxes where applicable). Later, any gain you realize at sale gets special treatment. No federal tax is payable on gains of up to $500,000 in the case of jointly filed returns and $250,000 for other returns provided the qualification tests are met: during the five-year period leading up to the sale date you must have both owned the property for a total of at least two years and the property must have been your principal residence for a total of at least two years. State income tax rules may or may not follow the federal rules.
Savings and Appreciation. Mortgage principal payments go into your own pocket, not someone else’s. You are saving and building equity as you pay for a home that is appreciating in value. (The amount of appreciation depends on inflation, the local economy and whatever home improvements you make.) To make the most of this opportunity you must hire an experienced, knowledgeable professional agent – like Tim Brodowski to help guide and counsel you through every step of the process.
Owner Pride. The fourth pillar of home owning involves, of course, many things besides keeping a roof over your head. You acquire, along with a structure, the responsibility for maintenance and repair. Most homeowners find the benefits of owning far outweigh the upkeep efforts – and many homeowners enjoy home improvement projects. You also put down roots and become more involved in the community. In short, you own an investment that builds intangible riches while you lock in your housing costs and avoid unpredictable rent hikes.
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

3633 Indiana Street, Hillcrest, San Diego Listed by Tim Brodowski

This fabulous 2BR/2BA condo in Hillcrest area was recently re-painted. Open living-dining area are perfect for gatherings and entertaining. 

www.timbrohomes.us | P: 858-354-2354

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Your Investment Property

As an experienced realtor, property owner, investor, and real estate wealth advisor . . . I realize keeping an “eye” on your property is very important. Knowing its current value, understanding the local real estate market, and keeping up with the most recent economic trends that affect our real estate investments can be very time consuming. Every now and then, it’s great to discuss these issues with someone “in the know”. Also, you may need property valuations for insurance purposes, updating trusts, or for any number of other reasons.

I can help! Some action items I have performed for my clients that they have found very useful – 

•Provide current market comparatives, complete with stats and an executive summary.
•Phone consultation to discuss a real estate plans and goals.
•Generate a property profile that includes property characteristics, copies of your grant deeds, trust deeds, and other helpful documents.
•Reach out to property managers and other real estate professionals to discuss the rental market (current market rents . . . occupancy . . . etc).
•Help design goals and strategies for your real estate holdings on your current and future plans. Whether it’s adding to your portfolio, changing the mix through 1031 ex-changes, or liquidating.

Let’s discuss how I and my team may be of assistance to you regarding your real estate matters. 
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Monday, April 11, 2016

How to Buy a Home and Build Your Wealth

Dear Future Home Owner,

Would you like to bring home a more money in your paycheck?

Obviously the answer is YES! Who wouldn’t!!! An increase in your take-home pay is just one of the many benefits that you will discover when you decide to switch from renting to home ownership. Start building your own equity, not adding to your landlord’s.

Perhaps you have considered buying, but have not because you don’t know where to start, don’t know anything about the process, are not sure if you can afford it, or your dog ate the paperwork. Yeah, remember that excuse?!!!

Today’s market offers a unique opportunity to buying a home. Prices have come down from the craziness of a few years ago, there is sufficient inventory, so that it is not a seller’s market, and interest rates are very low. Interest rates are some of the lowest that we have experienced . . . that represents a great opportunity for you as a buyer. Don’t miss out on these rates. The economists are saying they will be increasing.

When you decide to give some real thought to owning property and building your wealth, give me a call. I would be pleased to help. I can answer your questions and start you on the path to home ownership. I have over 17 years of real estate experience helping people like you to get started with their particular plan and goals regarding home ownership. I would like to do the same for you. Do yourself a favor and start the process today . . . don’t wait and miss this incredible time to buy.

Well, besides the dog eating the paperwork, I can help. All you have to do is make the call. I look forward to hearing from you and advising you throughout the entire process.

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Desirable Home in Shadowridge, Vista

Exceptionally open floorplan. Tile entry into very bright living room with stone fireplace. Spacious kitchen with tile flooring, recessed lighting, and stainless steel appliances. Double entry door into the master bedroom with ceiling fan/lights, 2 closets and dual sinks. Backyard with patterned stamped-concrete landscaping. Laundry room in garage. Washer and dryer convey. Close to school and shops. Ready to move-in! 

Call or text Tim Brodowski at 858-354-2354. TimBro97@aol.com

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Beautiful Tierrasanta Home on Cul-De-Sac

This 4BR 2.5 BA home is truly move-in ready. Large living room accented with hardwood floors and beamed, vaulted ceilings. Kitchen opens to the breakfast nook and family room. Backyard offers a fabulous place to relax and unwind. The red-wood deck is a delightful place to lounge after a dip in the pool. The super-sized driveway will accommodate a couple of cars as well as your boat or RV or whatever toy you might have. This is a spectacular home for living and for fun get togethers. 

For questions call Tim TODAY!!! 858-354-2354.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Selling your home can be a long, stressful, frustrating process … but that’s not the case when working with San Diego Realtor, Tim Brodowski.

Doug and Karen needed to sell their home quickly and for the highest possible price. Tim came out to their house, made staging suggestions, reviewed pricing, and developed a marketing plan specifically for their property. After carefully considering their options, they decided that Tim would be the right choice for their needs. Upon signing the listing paperwork, Doug and Karen proceeded to move to northern California. That left Tim with the responsibility of managing, marketing, and successfully selling the property. Tim exceeded their wants and needs and was able to sell the property in a timely fashion at a price that Doug and Karen appreciated.

So, when you begin thinking of selling, think of Tim Brodowski, the Right Choice in real estate. Call/text Tim at 858-354-2354 or email timbo97@aol.com


Friday, April 1, 2016

Real Estate Property Photo Shoot


1.       It is important to make sure that all areas to be photographed are camera ready before the Photographer arrives. Photographers are not responsible for tidying areas that are to be photographed. They are responsible for taking the best photos that the house has to offer.

2.       For indoor living areas that will be photographed, make sure that the rooms are clean and free of extraneous objects. Turn on as many interior lights as possible to brighten and warm up the room; if there is a dark area in a room, try to add temporary lighting. Natural lighting is always a plus!

·         Bedrooms - Beds are made, pillows fluffed. Nightstands, dressers and vanities should have minimum items visible. Walk in closets should appear organized and tidy. For kids rooms, toys and clutter should be put away. If there are mirrored closets or walls, be especially aware of the mirrors and what they are reflecting.

·         Living rooms – Surfaces should be dust free, carpets vacuumed, and pillows arranged. If there are televisions in the room, turn them on.

·         Kitchens – Minimize small kitchen appliances along with cleaners, paper towels and wipe down all counters and all appliances. The shinier the appliance, the better it will appear in the photo.

·         Bathrooms – Clean shower glass, towels neatly folded and simple as possible. Remove toiletries from view.

3.       For outside areas, make sure to clean and straighten-up. When capturing solid exterior shots, take advantage of the hours with the best lighting.

·         Remove cars from the driveway for a clear shot of the house.

·         Present pool areas in the best light – straighten deck chairs, remove towels and pool accessories.

·         Open patio umbrellas; remove covers on the BBQ and patio furniture.

·         Clear gardens of leaves and weeds.

In general,

--Make it look spotless!

             --Minimize personalized affects. Remember less is more!
             --If everything is in place, the shoot should only take about an hour.

--You can help streamline the process by making sure that everything is prepared in advance.

--Treat your Photographer as if he/she is a prospective buyer – be there for the shoot to make sure the images capture and portray your property at the absolute best it can be!

 --Have fun with the photo shoot!!!!!
For a free home evaluation or questions regarding the sale of your home contact Tim Brodowski @ 858-354-2354.