Monday, June 27, 2016


What does Brexit mean for mortgage rates?

Well, the Brits did it. Surprising many in the financial world, Britain voted to break away from the European Union. That has caused turmoil in the global markets with stocks getting crushed in every relevant open exchange. This is great news for mortgage shoppers because scared stock investors usually shift funds into bonds for safety, hence the huge rally in U.S. bonds. It also makes a Fed rate hike late next month highly unlikely. It also raises the possibility of them not acting the rest of the year.

Friday’s bond market opened sharply higher as the markets react to Britain’s vote. The opposite reaction of a bond rally often is weakness in stocks and we are seeing plenty of it. The Dow and Nasdaq were down significantly. The bond market was up, which should improve mortgage rates by approximately .375 of a discount point.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

House Hunting in Today's Market

Entry-lever buyers face a market with a shortage of inventory, pushing up prices.

A lack of homes for sale in many parts of the county is making house hunting a challenge, especially for first-time buyers. This tight housing inventories have pushed up home prices, creating bidding wars for some properties.

The reasons for the tight inventory vary. In some areas, homeowners still owe more than their home is worth, or they are unable or unwilling to sell until prices rise more and they gain equity. In other areas, the lack of new home construction is contributing to the problem. Also, homeowners who want to sell their homes and trade up can’t find a suitable new home, so they stay put.

The lack of homes on the market has resulted in higher rents. Hence, investors who bought single-family homes during the downturn are making good money renting them and are in no hurry to sell.

Q & A

What can I do to prepare to buy a house in a tight market?
Get preapproved for a mortgage, so the seller knows you are serious, and make sure you have a loan approval letter. The letter means the lender has run a credit check, verified income and has authorized a loan for a specific amount.

Are there other ways, besides price, to make my offer attractive?

Putting down as large a deposit as possible shows you’re serious. Agreeing to requests that reduce hassles for the seller can help, too. For instance, if the seller asks to leave behind a backyard swing set, you may want to agree – even if your children are too old to play on it. Try to give the seller reasons to say yes to your offer and make it easy on them goes a long way in today’s market.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Recent Earthquake Activity Gets Us All Thinking… What if?!

It’s a good strategy to plan for things… especially emergencies. Here’s a few ideas

·         An emergency plan with contact information, two ways to evacuate the home and a designated meeting place.
·         Important documents in a fire-proof safe, an expandable folder or on a portable storage device.
o   Important documents include:
·         Birth and marriage certificates
·         Passports and Social Security cards
·         Insurance policies and your agent’s contact information
·         Family wills
·         Proof of ownership or lease of residence
·         Vehicle and boat registrations
·         Loan and deed documents
·         Information related to your financial investments, retirement and banking
·         Lists of medications and health information
·         Digital files of family photos
·         Keys to a safe deposit box
·         Recent photos of you loved ones, in case you are separated
·         Local maps

·         One gallon of water per person per day
·         A three-day supply of non-perishable food
·         Can opener
·         Mess kit with utensils and dishware

·         Household chlorine bleach and a medicine dropper to disinfect objects and purify water
·         Hand sanitizer
·         Garbage bags and ties, toilet paper, moist towelettes

·         First aid kit
·         Battery-powered or hand-crank radio
·         Flashlight and batteries
·         A whistle to alert emergency responders of your location, if trapped
·         Dust masks for the family
·         Cell phone with chargers
·         Matches in a waterproof container

·         Sleeping bag or bedding
·         A change of clothing for each family member
·         Some cash in small bills

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Regal Coronado Home

Stately Victorian 3br/2.5ba home is listed on Coronado's historic registry. Home boastfully exhibits the architectural designs of the period. Brilliantly colored roses welcome all guests to this wondrous period home. The large living room with its oak flooring and brick fireplace is just the beginning to what this astounding home offers.

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Monday, June 13, 2016

7 Ways to Hold Title

Title to real property in California may be held by individuals, either by Sole Ownership or in Co-Ownership. There are several variations as to how title may be held in each type of ownership.


1.       A Single Man/Woman: A man or woman is not legally married.
-Ex: John Doe, a single man

2.       An Unmarried Man/Woman: A man or woman who has been married, and is legally divorced.
-Ex: John Doe, an unmarried man

3.       A Married Man/Woman, as His/Her and Separate Property: When a married man or woman wishes to acquire title in his or her name alone, the spouse must consent, by Quit Claim Deed or otherwise, to transfer, thereby relinquishing all right, title and interest in the property.
-Ex: John Doe, married man, as his sole and separate property


4.       Community Property: Community property is property acquired by a married person during marriage when not acquired as the separate property of either. Real property conveyed to a married man or woman is presumed to be community property unless otherwise stated. Both spouses have the right by will to dispose of ½ of the community property subject to administration in the estate. If a spouse chooses not to dispose of his or her ½ interest by will, all of the community property will go to the surviving spouse.
-Ex: John Doe and Mary Doe, Husband and Wife as community property

5.       Community Property with Right of Survivorship: Community property acquired by a spouse or Domestic partner when expressly declared in the transfer document to be “community property with right of survivorship” shall pass to the surviving spouse without having to first pass through the administration of the estate.

6.       Joint Tenancy: A joint tenancy estate is defined in the Civil Code as follows: A joint interest is on owned by two or more persons in equal shares, by a title created by a single will or transfer, when expressly declared in the will or transfer to be a joint tenancy. A chief characteristic of joint tenancy property is the right of survivorship. Upon the death of a joint tenant, title to the property in its entirety would be conveyed to the surviving tenant.
                -Ex: John Doe and Mary Doe, Husband and Wife as joint tenants

7.       Tenancy in Common: Under tenancy in common, the co-owners own undivided interests, but unlike tenancy, these interests need not be equal in quantity or duration and may arise at different times. There is no right of survivorship.

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Home in North Park

Cozy remodeled 2br home in North Park. Open living/dining room, ceiling fans in living/bedrooms. Tiled bathroom floors and shower. Kitchen boasts of granite counters, stainless appliances, recessed lighting and window view to yard. Extra storage in laundry room. Yard with crosscut patio, gas firepit, sunshade sail adorned with rope lights. Full fencing, double gate entry to yard. Off street parking in garage and side yard.

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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Home Ownership Part 2


When an individual first purchases a home the mortgage payment includes both interest and principle payments. In the beginning the borrower is paying mostly interest but as time passes the majority of the payment goes on the principle. This is where the saving part comes in at because by this time your payment will be mostly principle and that payment will be less than a rent payment, since market rent continue to increase.


A home owner has a leverage position when buying a home. It is purchased with a small percentage down but appreciates based upon the total purchase price. Plus, when an individual owns a home, there is additional buying power because they can, although not recommended, go out and get a home equity loan.


A person that rents a home needs to ask the landlord or permission every time they want to paint or plant a garden or put up a swimming pool. Whereas, a homeowner does not need to ask for permission, unless they live in a hoa. They can paint their walls any color they desire and have their entire yard as garden if they wish. A homeowner has the freedom that a renter does not have when they own their home.


The homeowner has the same payment month after month, year after year, as long as they have a fixed rate mortgage. This gives the homeowner a sense of stability. They know what to expect every month. Whereas a renter, may not know what to expect from month to month. Every year the cost of living continues to go up and that means the cost of rent as well. So, by owning a home the individual has a good feeling knowing their payment is not going to change regardless of how much the cost of living goes up.

 “Finally . . . PRIDE”

There is nothing like the feeling you get when you own your home. It is your home. You worked hard to get it and now you can feel good that you have made a great accomplishment.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Home Ownership Part 1 of 2

Studies on home ownership indicate there are many benefits to home ownership over renting a home. Ownership benefits are not limited to single family homes, but also include condos, townhomes, and single family homes. Some of the benefits are: security, investment, tax advantage, savings, leverage, freedom, stability and pride.

Interesting stuff … So, let’s take a closer look at these advantages.


 In the event that inflation runs wild, the homeowner has a safety net to help protect themselves from being left out in the street since the homeowner is the only one who holds the keys to the home.


 The individual that buys a home is really buying a long term investment. Each monthly payment increases the amount of equity the home offers the owner. Every time a homeowner makes a home improvement, that improvement may increase the value of the home. If the individual was just making monthly rent payments then there is nothing to show for the money paid out each month.


 Every year tax time rolls around … we can use all the help we can get when it comes to reducing taxes. Home ownership is a way to reduce your tax exposure. The homeowner can deduct the real estate property tax and the interest on the mortgage. Plus, if you operate a home office there may be another way to take some deductions. You can’t do this when you are renting.

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Monday, June 6, 2016

4096 34th Street, San Diego CA

Cozy remodeled 2br home in North Park.

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Friday, June 3, 2016

Another Success Story

12247 ZORITA, Tierrasanta

Kristy a homeowner had decided to move out of state to be with family. Upon deciding to sell she interviewed Tim Brodowski and knew he would provide the help and guidance she wanted and that his marketing program would be the impetus to get maximum value on her property. So it began, Tim’s advice on doing the fix-its, painting, staging. The coaching, marketing, and negotiating by Tim yielded the price, terms, and conditions of sale that Kristy was looking for.

Upon recording, Kristy had this to say of Tim – “I highly recommend Tim Brodowski as your next real estate agent to list and sell your home. Tim was on top of all procedures and his performance was awesome. He was extremely helpful and communicated with me on every stage. Tim listed and sold and sold my home in 5 days. Look no further and call Tim.”

We wish you wonderful things in your journey …
Cheers to you Kristy

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fabulous Home in La Mesa!

La Mesa's hidden gem. This cozy remodeled 2br/2ba is the PERFECT starter home ... or the PERFECT home to downsize to. It has everything-close to shopping and stores a deck that is ideal for entertaining, yard, large 2 car garage with additional off street parking.
Let's not forget the White Picket Fence!!!
Upon entering the living room you will be taken by the open feel. The kitchen offers granite counters, pendant lights illuminating the sit-in space at the counter, gas stove perfect for cooking your delicious delicasies, French doors to the back. The home has vinyl windows, state of the art Mitsubishi heating-cooling wall unit, 6 panel doors, coved baseboard. The bedrooms have overhead lighting and rich, dark wood laminate flooring.
This is it, go see it today!
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