Thursday, May 23, 2019

Tips for the Perfect Photo Shoot!

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Tips for the Perfect Photo Shoot!

1.    It is important to make sure that all areas to be photographed are camera ready before the Photographer arrives. Photographers are not responsible for tidying areas that are to be photographed. They are responsible for taking the best photos that the house has to offer.

2.    For indoor living areas that will be photographed, make sure that the rooms are clean and free of extraneous objects. Turn on as many interior lights as possible to brighten and warm up the room; if there is a dark area in a room, try to add temporary lighting. Natural lighting is always a plus!
·         Bedrooms - Beds are made, pillows fluffed. Nightstands, dressers and vanities should have minimum items visible. Walk in closets should appear organized and tidy. For kids rooms, toys and clutter should be put away. If there are mirrored closets or walls, be especially aware of the mirrors and what they are reflecting.
·         Living rooms – Surfaces should be dust free, carpets vacuumed, and pillows arranged. If there are televisions in the room, turn them on.
·         Kitchens – Minimize small kitchen appliances along with cleaners, paper towels and wipe down all counters and all appliances. The shinier the appliance, the better it will appear in the photo.
·         Bathrooms – Clean shower glass, towels neatly folded and simple as possible. Remove toiletries from view.

3.    For outside areas, make sure to clean and straighten-up. When capturing solid exterior shots, take advantage of the hours with the best lighting.
·         Remove cars from the driveway for a clear shot of the house.
·         Present pool areas in the best light – straighten deck chairs, remove towels and pool accessories.
·         Open patio umbrellas; remove covers on the BBQ and patio furniture.
·         Clear gardens of leaves and weeds.
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