Friday, June 8, 2018

Making Retirement Dreams a Reality

Real Estate Matters with Tim Bro

Making Retirement Dreams a Reality

So is retirement wishful thinking or reality? Shaky finances could derail future retirees’ dreams. After all, Baby Boomers have saved just $164,000 (estimated median) in all household retirement accounts.

Here are some suggestions to turn that dream into reality.

Create a budget. Include income, living expenses, paying off debt, and financial goals – building towards long-term retirement goals.

Have a financial plan. Start saving for retirement and save consistently. Avoid taking additional loans and early withdrawals from retirement accounts.

Participate in employer-sponsored retirement plans. Take full advantage of matching employer contributions and defer as much money as possible.

Housing needs. When the family was growing you may have needed that 3, 4, or 5 bedroom home. But do you need it now? Maybe your new retirement lifestyle warrants a change. Maybe a nice, smaller house or townhome with no yard work and minimal exterior maintenance makes better sense. Freeing your time to travel, spend more time with family and friends, and enjoy your favorite hobbies. Call Tim to help guide you through your downsizing decision.

To make your housing retirement dreams a reality, call Tim @ 858-354-2354, SRES, Global Luxury Home Specialist.  BRE #01224576